The ongoing revolution in retail and consumption patterns is having a direct impact on the world of logistics, storage, and direct customer delivery.

France is fully impacted by this rapidly accelerating process since the COVID crisis.

QILIN COMPANY focuses on this reshuffling of the storage and location cards that supply urban centers.

The Group develops logistical operations and provides custom solutions in response to growing user needs.

Long-term operation: Renewal of the lease and restructuring works.

LE HAVRE – 76600

56 000 sqm warehouse located nearby autonomous port of Le Havre, leased to SAVERGLASS.

Significant restructuring works are currently underway, including the elevation of the roof and an environmental aspect with the installation of 27 000 sqm of photovoltaic panels.

The lease has been renewed for a firm term of 24 years.

Key Elements

  • Asset held since 2010
  • Renewal lease for a firm term of 24 years
  • Program definition
  • Obtainment of a preliminary declaration
  • Contracting a CPI
  • Management of all technical studies necessary for the construction works

Long-term operation :

ARQUES - 62510

New building of 20 000 sqm located in the perimeter of a development zone called “ZAC Le Hocquet”.

Rented for storage use to ALPHAGLASS, a subsidiary of the SAVERGLASS Group.

A 10-year firm lease was signed on the day of purchase.

Key Elements

  • Tenant prime
  • Secure and long-term lease
  • Strategic location


PLAINTEL - 22940

QILIN COMPANY and YVRAI GROUP join forces through SAS Compagnie de l’Isère et de l’Auvergne (CIA INVEST).

The 37 000 sqm real estate property is located in the industrial area of Plaintel in the Côtes d’Armor and consists of 3 storage buildings and offices, as well as a recent building for social use.

In the next 3 years, the platform will undergo significant renovations.

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • User Identification
  • Renovation Program Definition
  • Management of all technical studies necessary for the construction works

Turnkey restructuring for the user

LE HAVRE – 76600

Building of 4 088 sqm on a land of 5 800 sqm, located in an old industrial district of Le Havre, close to the city center and Docks.

This site benefits from a strategic location 300 m from the Tramway extension project.

Operation underway for commercialization.

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • Management of all technical studies necessary for the completion of works for the submission of a building permit
  • Steering and monitoring of upcoming works