The covid-19 pandemic has deeply changed work modes and the use of offices.

This transformation has forced companies to rethink more flexible, hybrid and attractive workspaces, as opposed to the austerity and conventional spaces of the past.

Telecommuting combined with flex office means reducing floor spaces or relying on co-working operators to optimize operating costs.

As many challenges as companies must overcome to retain their employees and attract new talents.

The office real estate is therefore seeking a new balance.

These are the challenges we face and towards which our commitment is strong in order to bring solutions as an operator.



QILIN COMPANY, through its subsidiary OTTAWA INVEST, acquires from MONCEAU INVESTISSEMENTS IMMOBILIERS, an office building with a surface area of 2 600 sqm and 60 parking spaces.

Renovation and compliance upgrades in preparation for dividing the building.

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • Program’ definition
  • Management of all technical studies required for the completion of the works.
  • Management of construction and co-ownership
  • Sale of the divided units.

Long-term operation : Enhancement

ST CLOUD - 92210

The story with the Colline offices began in 2010 with the acquisition of 8 000 sqm by François Gaucher.

The adventure continues with more than 6 000 sqm currently being acquired.

Renovation in preparation for their relocations.

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • Program’ definition
  • Identification of tenants
  • Management of all technical studies required for the completion of the works
  • Management of renovation works