In response to the marked transformation of the education sector, as a result of technological, environmental, and socio-economic changes, schools need new perspectives.

QILIN COMPANY has developed a real estate expertise that allows the tenant user, school, or training center to respond to the determining challenges of attractiveness and differentiation.

With the experience of its President, François Gaucher, and its teams, QILIN COMPANY supports its tenant-users in their search for real estate assets that match their operational needs.

The Group then proceeds with the acquisition, renovations, and availability of the buildings while incorporating the tenants’ growth and operational objectives.

Sale of a school "ready to build"

PARIS – 75016

QILIN COMPANY acquired an old 700 sqm warehouse in a Parisian condominium (16th) to design and launch a project to build a new 1 493 sqm educational building (ERP4).

The Group managed all technical and legal design stages and sold this “ready-to-build” operation to a developer.

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • Program definition
  • Obtaining the building permit
  • Obtaining co-ownership approvals
  • Managing all necessary technical studies for the implementation of works

Redevelopment of an office building into a school and creation of rooftop homes

PARIS - 75013

This building of 2 574 sqm located in the 13th district of Paris was once a flag-making factory. The building, with its remarkable architecture typical of the 1940s, was transformed and renovated to accommodate the “LISAA” design and architecture school.

Signing a 12-year firm lease and transferring the entire property to a real estate investment trust.

On its roof, 3 homes were created with gardens and terraces.

  • Deposit of building permit application: February 8, 2018
  • Obtainment of building permit: May 22, 2018
  • Commercialization: June 21, 2019

Key Elements

  • Program definition
  • Obtaining building permit
  • Project management of all technical studies required for the implementation of works
  • Construction management

Transformation and renovation

PARIS – 75004

Transformation and renovation of a 756 sqm commercial space into a school housing bachelor’s students of “l’Atelier de Sèvres” located in Paris 4th district, Le Marais.

Works for compliance with ERP standards were carried out.

A 9-year lease was signed with 6 years being firm.

  • Acquisition: May 21, 2021
  • Commercialization: August 24, 2022

Key Elements

  • Sourcing
  • Program definition
  • Signing of a 6-year lease
  • Obtaining administrative approvals (ERP)
  • Managing all works